Ojo Guareña Natural Monument

El Prado Mayor is situated Ojo Guareña Natural Area declared a Natural Monument in 1996. Surrounded by woodland, this is one of the most highly developed cave systems in Europe.

Ojo Guareña
Cave and Hermitage of St. Bernabe
(Cueva of Merindad de Sotoscueva)

Palomera Cave
(Cueva of Merindad de Sotoscueva)

Casa del Parque en Quintanilla del Rebollar
Park House 
(Quintanilla del Rebollar)

Red de Senderos del Espacio Natural
Natural Area Trails Network
(Quintanilla del Rebollar)

Turismo Activo "Ojo Aventura"
Active Tourism

Inland Tourism and Rural Ornithological
to promote walking as  way of approaching
birds  and their habitats.

Interregional Cooperation Project
to convert to the sport of fishing a tourist
resort and development  based on Sustainability
rural  and Respect for the Rural Environment.